Virginia & Jacquie's Wedding




Virginia & Jacquie were married on Wednesday, 09/09/09, in our sunroom/atrium.  Craig Hirshberg, who officiated at Skip's and my wedding 10 years ago, performed the ceremony. Skip and Lisa were attendants. Jacquie's daughter, Tiffany, and her son, Jeff, and his wife, Gerri, also attended.  I was the photographer.  After the ceremony, we went to dinner at Maggliano's in Bridgewater.



Equal Marriage *may* come to NJ by the end of this year!


The first pictures are setting the stage.  There were 3 vases of flowers that Virginia & Jacquie brought over earlier in the day.


Here's the second vase.


And the third vase, in front of the burlap-covered gift Skip and I had wrapped for them.


A view of the appetizers Skip and I provided for both before and after the ceremony.


Some of the lighted candles.


Jacquie and Virginia (in purple, of course) partaking of the appetizers before the ceremony.


Jacquie, Craig, and Virginia posing for pre-ceremony pictures.


Another posed picture.


Another posed picture.


Jacquie and her children, Jeff and Tiffany.


And with Jeff's wife, Gerri.


Tiffany, Jacquie, Virginia, and Lisa.


Craig and Skip.


The wedding party.


The wedding party + family.


The ceremony starts.


Part of the permanent decor of the atrium.


Through the plants on the landing.


Listening, deep in thought, even Diva.


Jacquie has just given Skip a rose.


Jacquie saying her vows.


Virginia saying her vows.  Everyone is crying.  (Note the tissue in Virginia's hand.)


Another view.


Virginia putting the ring on Jacquie's hand.


Jacquie putting the ring on Virginia's hand.


Skip reading her part.


Lisa reading her part.


Congratulations all around.




The obligatory picture with the photographer.


Mouton asking to open the big present.


The rings...


Lisa and Skip. The blurriness is my fault, not the wine.


The garden statue. Mouton moved, which is why her head looks cut off.


Skip opening her present.


Lisa opening her present.


Virginia and Jacquie are admiring the crystal bowl that Lisa gave them.  Sorry for the blurriness.


Yes, Virginia did wear heels.


The corsages weren't supposed to be afterthoughts...


The corsages weren't supposed to be afterthoughts...


The delicious chocolate cake that Virginia and Jacquie brought to the restaurant. There were too many reflections to use the flash, so this was done by hand and it was a long exposure!



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