Skip's 70th Birthday Party


Skip decided that this milestone birthday party would have a theme -- the party would be a political convention to nominate her for President of the United States.  She's not the oldest candidate running!  Here is a copy of the flier sent to the invited delegates.


And here are pictures of the decorations ...


The kitchen dining area, where political t-shirts are displayed on the chair backs.


A close-up of the flowers from Jane, Alan, and Karen, respectively.


The entryway, where the delegates picked up their flags


The convention floor where, in a few short hours, the candidate would give her acceptance speech.  Note the political shirts hanging from the curtain rods and on the back of the couch and chair.


Another view of the entryway.  Delegate hats can be seen on the right behind the foliage.


The view into the kitchen.


The delegate hats and a banner as seen from the convention floor.


The kitchen dining area from the stair landing.


The other side of the landing.  Note the political t-shirts decorating the sofa.


And the let-them-eat-cake cake.


And here are scenes from the convention floor ...


The candidate giving her acceptance speech.  At least some of the delegates still had their hats on!


... and reading a letter from her VP selection, Hillary Clinton


The candidate responding to the adulation of the audience.


The audience paying rapt attention


More audience, more rapt attention


and more audience ...


even more audience, more rapt attention...


still more...



Skip's circle sisters gave her a special present ...


Before the present was opened...


... and a group picture of the circle members.



Although the trip to the groomer the day before left them exhausted, the dogs enjoyed the party immensely.  Mouton went back and forth sucking as much attention as she could from each of the party goers.  Petit was content to lie in someone's lap through the whole party.  It was a cruel interruption to occasionally send her outside to pee.  Here they are the next day, somewhat recovered.





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