Skip's 65th Birthday Party

Not only was our party a lot of fun, we used it as a fund-raising opportunity for the Dean for America campaign and/or the NOW Equality PAC.

Our party was graciously hosted by Rich & John.  This picture of them in Atlantic City is from their web site, which is well worth visiting.

And here are pictures from the party...


Alan and Skip with the cake.


THE CAKE (Chocolate, chocolate, and fudge)!


Skip conducting "Happy Birthday."  LuAnne, Chip, and Alan behind.


Other celebrants...

Allen and Bill.


Chad and Mariann.


Jan and Louis.


Janet and Conrad, Linda seated.


Jeanette and Joel.  Karen and Jan in the background.


Karen and Judy.


Linda and Joanie


Lisa, with Conrad, Rick, and Skip.


LuAnne and Chip.


Marica and Mark, Linda in background.


Rick and Rob.




Alan and Skip, with a present.

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