Our trip to Sandals on Antigua

December 9 - 16, 2006


We had a relaxing week (Saturday to Saturday) at Sandals on Antigua (pronounced an-tee'-gah).  Here are several groups of pictures from the trip.  The numbers under each picture are reference numbers.


On the ride from the airport to the resort we met a couple, Frank and Jodi, from the Dayton, Ohio, area who were going to get married on Wednesday.  We ran into them a couple of times, went to the piano bar with them, etc., and were thinking of showing up to see their ceremony when they asked us to "stand up" for them them.  So Wednesday afternoon found us dressed in our best (vacation) clothes, barefoot on the beach, each of us holding a ring.  The pictures under "Frank and Jodi's Wedding" are from before and after the official ceremony.


Scenes Around Sandals


Frank and Jodi's Wedding


Geckos and Parrots


Construction at Sandals


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