Mon Petit Chou Rouge, 2007

Born February 11, 2007,

we brought her home on April 20, 2007



At 10 weeks, Mon Petit had been home just a day or two.  She's wearing the bow that Roseanne, her breeder, had put in her hair as a going away present


It took a few days, but Mouton finally realized that Petit was a toy she could play with.


Petit, being curious, was trying to get up the stairs, but was too small to make it up even the first step.


Petit has a toy of her own.  Several, actually.  She's been with us a month, and she still has the bow in her hair!


OK.  She can get up the steps, but not back down!


August.  Petit is almost 6 months old, but still tiny.  Mouton is her first cousin once removed and weighs around 9 pounds.  Petit was estimated to grow to 6 pounds, but so far (December) she's short of 4 pounds.


Two poodles.  One ball.  They love to play together like this.  Petit is 7 months old.


Bon Cur, our 15 year old, had spent 4 days in the hospital, was very sick, but not in pain.  Petit is showing her concern.  Bon Cur died in her sleep the next morning.


The picture is a little fuzzy, but here the cousins are watching us put up the holiday lights.  Petit is almost 10 months old and full grown.  Petit turned out to be an appropriate nickname for her!


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