Work trip to London and Bucharest


I left Sunday evening, July 1, 2007, from Newark and landed about 9:00 am at Heathrow, London.  Here are pictures from train getting to downtown London, then pictures of the trip between the hotel and the Telcordia office.  And finally, pictures of the gathering after work on Tuesday, 7/3.


Then on Thursday, July 5, I met up with Juan Carlos in Heathrow and flew to Bucharest.  Here are pictures of the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel and then what we saw walking around in the hour before dinner.  On Friday, July 6, we presented our workshop.  Here are pictures of our dinner that evening that was facilitated by Telcordia's Romanian employee, Dan, and also attended by Steve, Telcordia's technical sales liaison.


Note that the time-stamps on the pictures are all EDT, not local time!  London is 5 hours ahead of NJ, and Bucharest is 7 hours ahead.


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