Trip to the Grand Lido Negril,

September 22-29, 2007



We spent an off-season vacation at the Grand Lido Negril, Jamaica.  The resort was not full, so we tended to see the same people over and over and so we developed some good friendships.  The following are 54 of the 142 pictures we took.

This is the scene right outside our door.  It's the clothing-optional beach, and the sign says no photography :-)


Looking to the right from our patio





Looking to the left from our patio -- the 'clothing optional' bar, pool, and hot tub.



Our sitting room, as opposed to our bedroom, which is through the door to the right.



Scenes of the water wheel in the reception area






The game room










The main dining room



Looking through the main dining room



The main dining room again






Yet again





The AC was so good in our room that the camera fogged up when we went outside, resulting in some very artistic pictures.







The view from our front door -- the snack and drink bar open 24x7.



The old "cotton" tree with impressive roots




The Grand Lido plaque on the roots



Just a scene of the grounds



The spa, where we got manicures, and where Skip arranged for her 3 massages.



The main pool.




From the pool deck looking the other way



Water sports.



The "other" beach



The bar at the main beach.



The dance floor surrounded by the main dining room



Foggy view of us in front of the cotton tree



Friends we met -- Betsy & Missy



A clearer view of the 4 of us.



We shared the resort with other regular customers



Skip's winning costume in the toga competition



When Betsy & Missy left, they gave us some bread they had been using to attract fish to the pier.  It worked.



The view of the clothing optional beach from the pier.





The gazebo where Skip had her massages



A near-by hammock



Interesting pattern of shrubbery



The main dining room from the second floor



A key-hole view



The chandelier in the reception area



The cotton tree again



Skip really got into the cotton tree



Ah.  Rick's cafe, Negril, known for its divers and sunset views.  Here are some of each.  Note the diver in a mid air in a tuck position



A diver climbing back up.





A diver climbed up the tree, then swung out and hung by one arm



Then he got back on the tree and prepared to dive




Here he is in mid air, doing a backward swan dive




First sunset picture.  It's too cloudy for the "green flash"



The stage at Rick's with the sunset



Another sunset picture



The maid put flower pedals and folded a towel into a design on our bed each day


A close-up of the towel



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