Welcome to NJ

to Georgette & Sam and family




Our niece, Georgette, her husband, Sam, their son Wyman (8) and their daughter Kristen (6) moved to New Jersey this past summer.  We held a "Welcome to NJ" party, inviting all the relatives within driving distance (and then some).


The party was a great success as far as we were concerned, and it seemed everyone else enjoyed it, as well.  The menu included veggies and dip, cheese and crackers for appetizers, chicken marsala and penne alla vodka (vegetarian) as entrees, roasted Italian vegetables, salad, assorted beverages, and cake for dessert.


These pictures are presented in chronological order.  We believe that all attendees are in at least one picture.  The names are generally left to right and/or clockwise starting from the near left.



David, Sheila, Sam, Kristen, Skip


Lauren, Kathy, Uncle Herbie, Karen, Jerry, Jane


Skip in the foreground, Shari, Hillary, Georgette, and our server, Harriet


Jerry, Karen, Jane, Uncle Herbie


Kristen, Georgette


David, Sheila, Sam


Skip, Uncle Herbie, with apologies for the blurriness


Hillary, Shari, Georgette, again with appologies




Kathy, Helen


Lauren, Hillary, Georgette (kneeling), Shari


Jerry, Sheila, Sam, Uncle Herbie, Kristen (foreground)


Wyman, Kristen


Karen, Hillary


Robert, Joe


Helen, David


Helen, David (This one was supposed to be better than the previous one.)




Sheila, Allan, Uncle Herbie, Karen


Jerry, Sam, Sheila, Allan


Jane, Shari, Georgette


Lauren, Hillary, Georgette


Renee with Ethan in her lap, Kristen, Wyman




The cake...


Renee with Ethan, Wyman, Kristen


Renee, Ethan, Uncle Herbie, Wyman, Kristen, (Hillary, Georgette in the background)


Hillary, Georgette, Sheila


Allan, Renee, Ethan, Kristen



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