Diva d'Argent Arrives In Her New Home

December 13, 2008


Diva d'Argent (Silver Diva) was born on September 27, 2008, and arrived in our home at exactly 11 weeks of age.  She is independent, fearless, and is enjoying exploring her new home.  Her puppy hair is black, but the roots are already turning silver.  Her breeder left her hair long because Diva needs the protection against the cold.  Although her fluffy hair makes her look big, she's really only a little over 3 lbs.  But she's smart.  She already knows come, the game of fetch, and she's 2 for 2 peeing on the paper and 1 for 1 pottying on the paper!


Below are 9 of the 50+ pictures we took this afternoon and evening.



Diva d'Argent's first picture, before she learned what the flash would do.


Diva explored the whole kitchen several times. Here she's nosing a potted plant.


Under the stairs, surveying the selection of toys...  So far, the fence beyond her is containing her in the kitchen area.


With Skip.  Diva being mostly black, it's hard to get a good picture of her.  This one is a good one of her face.


Diva chewing on a plastic bone.  She played with the green ball, too, but in this picture is not aware of it because her hair is so long.


Everyone looking directly into the camera!


Without a flash, one can see more detail.


With a flash, it's clear how long her hair is!



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