More Pictures of Diva As She Grows

and Adjusts to her new home

December, 2008


Here are a variety of pictures of Diva and friends between December 20 and December 27, 2008.


Bill holding Diva, with Mouton wanting some of what Diva's getting.


Allen, Bill, and Diva


Diva playing with gift-wrapping ribbon


A close-up of Diva and the ribbon


Diva goes shopping.  Actually, she's looking to take the doggie cookies off the chair.


Now, to just get the cookies off the chair and into the bag.


Can't quite reach them...


Still can't quite reach them...  But she's determined.  Note the ribbon abandoned on the floor.  She never did solve this problem.


Another day...  Alan holding both Mouton and Diva.


Diva taught herself to go out the doggie door...


... and back in again.  She's only 12-1/2 weeks old, and mostly paper trained and now able to use the great outdoors, as well.


On cold days, one of Diva's favorite pastimes is to lie in front of the heater vent and let the hot air warm her, while the cool tiles keep her from over heating.


For variety, she lies on her back and lets the warm air ruffle her tummy hair.


Diva with her new btf (best toy forever).  It makes a loud noise when she swats it on the floor.



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