Diva's First Grooming

February 27, 2009


The breeder, Dale Crockett, had offered to give Diva her first grooming as part of the "package" when we bought her.  Because it was winter and her hair is fairly wispy, we waited quite a while, until Diva's five-month birthday, February 27, to actually get it done.  By that time her hair was about 4-1/2 inches long!


As a reminder, silver poodles are born black.  The silver color starts coming in around 3 months.  So this first grooming changed her from a black puppy to a silver adolescent.  Of course, since the ends of her ears are usually not trimmed, they are still black.


Below are "before" pictures taken at various times in January, followed by the "after" pictures on February 27 & 28.


BEFORE Pictures:


We'll pose for you on the corner of the bed if you give us treats.  Note how black Diva is at age 4-1/2 months.  Mouton, you're a good girl, too.


Mouton and Diva playing together in the snow.


Diva enjoys the snow!  You can see how long her hair is, and this was 6 weeks before her first haircut.


Who is that doggie in the mirror?


Diva's own personal drinking fountain!  (We submitted this picture to a photo contest.)


I'm being real good.  Now, give me my treat!


Maybe someone else will give me a treat...


OK, I give up.  I'm outta here.
Again, note how long her hair is, and this is 4 weeks pre-grooming.


AFTER Pictures...


You rang?


Don't I look nice and neat?  and silver?  with a bow on top and black-tipped ears?


Ok.  I'll pose on the stairs if you insist.  I do know how to get down even though sister doesn't!


Maybe my left profile is better?


What more do you want?


The next day, lounging around.  Uh oh.  The bow is cockeyed.


More pictures?  I'm still tired from yesterday.


We'll pose one last time.  Then we're through!


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