Partway Through the Demolition

October 16, 2005

Yesterday, Saturday, October 15, the demolition of half the garage was mostly completed.  The remainder was left standing until the utilities (electric, water, gas, telephone, cable) are moved.  Today, Sunday, the trenching for the foundation and shrubbery removal were accomplished in a single day.


This is our front door, with the remaining half of the porch.  And we are supposed to get in and out of the house how?  Note that the hedge and walkway are gone.  Months ago we transplanted the azalea and Andromeda which used to be on the house side of the walkway.



I've heard of a half-bath, but never a half-garage.  The remaining half-garage will (eventually) be incorporated into the kitchen.  The floor of the other half was removed today, and this picture was taken standing on the resulting pile of cement blocks, looking over a 4-foot high pile of dirt from the foundation trenches.  The new garage will be in the flat dirt area currently half in and half out of the old garage.  Note that the front door (previous picture) is at the far right of this shot, in the shadows.



The eight consecutive days of rain which ended yesterday have left the ground saturated.  This is water standing in the recently dug trench.  If we had an old fashioned well, the water would be almost to the top!



This is the cute little machine that did all that damage.  This picture is out the kitchen window, looking over the porch.  There used to be a hedge just beyond the lip of the trench, and there was a tall spruce beyond that.  (You can see the trunk past the back hoe.)  There were a couple of yews at the corner of the house.  It only took about 15 minutes to remove all that shrubbery!


Over the past several months, in addition to the azalea and Andromeda, I have transplanted 3 yews, a rose of Sharon, and a juniper to get them out of the way of the construction.  Today, in addition to the shrubs they removed, two junipers were carefully dug up using the above machine, and I transplanted them later in the afternoon.