The Chanukah Party at Helen & David's

December 21, 2008


Helen and David planned and executed an old-time Gross Family style Chanukah party.  The following are pictures we took.  I believe everyone who attended is somewhere in at least one of these pictures, perhaps in the background.  So I have not deleted/censored any of them.  Enjoy!


Karen, Skip, Cathy


Michael, Scott, Wendy (background), Karann, Casey


Rosalind & Harry Bialor, Cindy-Jo & Sheila, Uncle Herbie


Allan Unger, Carrie (Cara?, Marc's girlfriend), Marc, ??(not a relative, friend of Carrie's)


Scott, Casey, Karann, Mitch, Cathy's mom (in shadow to the right)


Scott, Spencer, Karann, Mitch


Mitch, Shari, Uncle Herbie, Skip


Marc, Hillary, Renee, Karann


Harold, David


Skip, Mitch, Uncle Herbie


Marc, Cindy-Jo, Joe, Hillary, Renee, Skip


Cindy-Jo, Casey


Marisa, Cindy-Jo, Casey


Cindy-Jo, Marisa


Cindy-Jo, Spencer


Karann, Cindy-Jo, Scott


Marisa, Rosalind Bialor, Cindy-Jo, Michael, Karann


Same as above


Skip & Uncle Herbie


Skip & Uncle Herbie


Helen, Uncle Herbie


Carrie & Marc in the back, Karann (near left), Rosalind & Harry Bialor


Shari, Carrie & Marc, Rosalind


Marisa, Allan, Jerry


Sheila, Helen


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