Progress between Oct 16, 2005

and December 7, 2005

We have been derelict about putting up pictures showing the progress of the construction.  Here are the best two dozen of the over three hundred pictures we've taken.

Half the old garage gone, the new foundation is in place



It rained 2 inches.  Welcome to Lake Drumm.



The first boards of the new frame.


The new garage has been framed.  Half the old garage remains.


New garage with storage loft.  New laundry room in back.  New utility

room is above the new laundry room.


Skip doing laundry by going out the front door and into what remains of the garage.



More demolition -- the garage completely gone.



The atrium has been framed and the garage has a roof.


Closing up the garage and atrium.  The initial beams to hold the second floor.


Temporary walls in the living room are cramping our style.



The first wall of the second floor is standing.


Gravel in the garage.  Buttoning up against the rain.


The long view.  Things are starting to take shape.


Not much to see, but the front door is framed and more beams are in place.


More temporary walls in the living room.


So, Skip decorated them.  What else was there to do?


Another view of the decorations.  The dogs are taking this all in stride.


The roof is gone, all that will be removed.  The first floor joists for

the second floor are in place.


This wouldn't be holiday season without lights, construction or no.


An artsy picture of the upstairs walls going up as viewed from the atrium.


The back part of the upstairs roof is in place.


Another view of the back part of the upstairs roof.


The front curved roof is in place, in spite of the snow.